About Tinos Island

An extraordinary island, as the religious part, its culture and art and its special gastronomy, is the ultimate plus to the unique natural landscape with its villages and its lacy beaches. Aeolus’ island or the island of marble sculpture, as Tinos is often called, boasts gifts that anyone will be fascinated by.

Cosmopolitan, solitary, alternative...

The top beaches of the island.
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Chora (Tinos)
A different breeze

Filled with light and history.
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Exo Meria
“Imprisoning” a special world

A “must” place to visit.
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Pano Meria
The medieval architecture side of the island

Every village a trip in history.
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Kato Meria
Worship in Kato Meri

So long history gathered in tiny villages.
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Museum of Marble Crafts

The Museum of Marble Crafts is located at Pirgos in Tinos.
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Tinos Trails
Hiking trails on the island of Tinos

Through a hiking trails network that exceeds 150 kilometers, you will discover an authentic, unexplored island of the Cyclades, hospitable and impressive all year round! Visit tinostrails.gr for more information.